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We invite our Global Donegal Family to join us in supporting local businesses by choosing to #BuyDonegal

We invite our Global Donegal Family to join us in supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs by choosing to #BuyDonegal. The #BuyDonegal campaign is a wonderful initiative that allows Donegal diaspora, no matter where they reside, to actively participate in supporting and promoting local businesses, and their community. It serves as a reminder of the bond that ties us to our roots and the importance of staying connected.

The #BuyDonegal movement transcends physical distance, connecting the global Donegal diaspora to the vibrant local businesses from their homeland.

Whether you're in Dublin, New York, Sydney, London or beyond you can still purchase products from local businesses through their online platforms. Discover unique crafts, delicious food and beverages, stylish fashion, and much more. Many #BuyDonegal businesses offer worldwide shipping, bringing a piece of Donegal right to your doorstep.

Donegal is renowned for its talented artisans who create exquisite crafts, textiles, and artwork. Through the #BuyDonegal initiative, you can support these skilled individuals by purchasing their unique creations. By doing so, you not only acquire a piece of Donegal's rich heritage but also contribute to preserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship.

Though physically distant, the sense of community remains strong among the Donegal diaspora. The #BuyDonegal campaign acts as a catalyst to unite and strengthen this bond. By engaging in the campaign, you become part of a collective effort to uplift local businesses, foster entrepreneurship, and contribute to the prosperity of the entire community.


Social media platforms play a crucial role in amplifying the #BuyDonegal movement. Share your experiences, favourite products, and special finds on social media using the hashtag #BuyDonegal. Help amplify the voices of local businesses and inspire others to support our community, no matter where they are in the world. Use the hashtag such as #BuyDonegal or #CeannaighDunnanGall to encourage your networks to get involved.

Remember, your support as a member of our diaspora holds tremendous value. Through your involvement in #BuyDonegal, you not only contribute to the success of local businesses but also help preserve our cultural heritage and strengthen the bonds that connect us all. So, no matter where you are, embrace the opportunity to #BuyDonegal and make a difference.

Here we have a video from Laura Buchanan Designs on what its like to live and work in Donegal

“When something reminds me of times gone by, I just want to bottle the joy this creates and share it with everyone.”

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