#LoveDonegal Day 2024

Now in its fifth year, #LoveDonegal day is an important event in the calendar for the region as it gives everyone with a connection to Donegal an opportunity to enjoy, celebrate and love Donegal.

Together on 25th of September, we can share what makes Donegal special to us with families and friends in other regions throughout the globe (our diaspora) and promote the county, and its amazing offering, to the widest possible global audience.

The aim for this campaign is to encourage people to participate and engage from all corners of the world and spread the word to our diaspora, their networks and further afield about the many opportunities in Donegal.


Get involved!

Anyone across the globe can get involved in this year's #LoveDonegal day!

Share with us why you #LoveDonegal on the 25th of September via social media.

We want to see posts about our diaspora, exploring the county, the people, our geography, businesses and our cherished Gaeltacht and Irish language. 

Businesses can get involved too! By promoting a special "LoveDonegal" dish made with our wonderful local producers or by using #LoveDonegal in your marketing. 


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Get kitted out for #LoveDonegal Day 2024!

Get kitted out for #LoveDonegal Day 2024!

Check out the Donegal - Ireland's DNA Clothing Range

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