Meet April Rose Murphy: Our First Feature Business of #buydonegal 2023

April Rose is a talented designer based in the picturesque Gaeltacht village of Kilcar, in South West Donegal where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area while browsing the unique and authentic products created by April Rose.

April Rose Murphy's business showcases a remarkable level of creativity. With a passion for traditional Irish skills and a commitment to sustainability, April Rose has created a design studio and shop that offers a unique range of handmade products. You can expect to find the finest Irish Linen and Handwoven Donegal Tweeds. These exquisite fabrics are carefully crafted into clothing and homewares, showcasing the rich heritage and wild landscape of Donegal. From classic designs to modern interpretations, April Rose's collections seamlessly blend traditional Irish styles with contemporary aesthetics. Each piece tells a tale of rural Ireland and its captivating history.

April Rose Murphy is committed to creating a fully sustainable and ethical brand. By using only natural, sustainable Irish fabrics and materials. Each product is meticulously handcrafted in Donegal, contributing to the preservation of the environment, and supporting local employment. Additionally, April Rose's business follows a made-to-order production model, ensuring that garments are only produced once they have been ordered. This approach reduces waste and emphasizes the importance of lasting quality and human well-being.

In addition to her curated collections, April Rose Murphy offers bespoke services for those looking for unique, handmade designer occasion wear. Whether it's a special event or a personal style statement, April Rose's expertise and creativity shine through in her custom designs. Moreover, a local alterations service is available to ensure the perfect fit and exceptional craftsmanship for each individual. Her creativity is not limited to clothing and textiles but also extends to carefully curated home accessories and gifts sourced from talented Irish designers.


April Rose Murphy's Design Studio and Shop invites you to embrace the beauty of Irish craftsmanship, immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Donegal. Discover the timeless classics and extraordinary creations that celebrate Irish culture and leave a lasting impression.

You can email her at and call her at 074 97 33115

For more on April Rose and her offerings check out her website 

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