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Meet Donegal Relocator Shaun Murrin

Joining one of the growing number of returning Donegal natives, Shaun Murrin, like many, once believed that jobs and opportunities for career growth lay outside Donegal’s borders in places much busier, louder, and with far less work-life balance. Gaining experience locally in the engineering industry before going on to spend nine years away from his home county, Shaun was always left with a nagging sense that there was a better way. 

As he progressed to the supervision level in places like Scotland and the other parts of the UK and started a young family, the call to Donegal – and to a way of life much more in line with his and his family’s values – finally compelled him to make the move. With opportunities abounding in many sectors, he brought his skillset, and a sigh of relief, back in 2020, and today has zero regrets.

Shaun Murrin, MMG Welding

In your industry, what are some of the skills that people are looking for when hiring in Donegal? 

Along with the welding fabrication apprentices, opportunities exist for engineering graduates, quality control and procurement and international sales. At MMG, for upskilling, we regularly avail of services at DTB in the ATU, even Enterprise Ireland. These have proven to be vital resources for us.

We're always looking for people to join our team and encourage people to contact us and we would be delighted to discuss opportunities. 

Besides work, what are some of the best things about relocating to Donegal?

Family life. Being part of a community. The short commutes for work. There are great schools, a university, and the sports facilities like the GAA clubs here in Donegal all are great. 

We have great outdoor activities like golf and angling. There are beaches, trails, mountains and cycle paths. We've got culture, arts, An Grianán Theatre. We even have our own airport! 

What would you say to someone who was thinking of relocating to Donegal?

I would definitely recommend moving to Donegal. The work itself, plus the work-life balance, are fantastic. There’s a vast amount of employment opportunities across all sectors, particularly in the blue economy, which is food, energy and tourism. This is already growing at a steady rate and is set to expand even more over the next 10 years and beyond. 

Here, the choice is yours to either branch out into a new career or indeed enhance your existing skills where you can develop and grow within a company here in Donegal.

Ultimately everyone strives for a work-life balance. And for me, I achieved that by deciding to call Donegal home. 

We have two other colleagues that have relocated here from Africa and Canada, and none of us has regretted this decision. 

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