Retail Sector Study Overview – October 2021

Retail businesses are invited to take part in Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment (DETE) research into the challenges and opportunities facing the retail sector in Ireland. This short online survey closes on Monday 18th October 2021. 

online survey

Prior to the pandemic the Retail Sector employed over 300,000 people.  It plays an important role in the economy, providing employment as well as goods for society and businesses. The retail sector plays a key role in Ireland’s domestic economy across every city, town and village. It also provides a key channel to market for Irish manufacturers and services providers in the economy with significant multiplier impacts. The level of choice, competition and retail experience are important contributors to consumer welfare. The sector faces significant pressures and challenges including international competition, advances in technology, and the impact of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. These and other factors have and will continue to have significant impacts on buyer behaviour, on the sourcing and supply of retail goods and ultimately on the viability, adaptability of retail businesses and on the direction of retail sector.


Following an open competition advertised on E-tenders, KPMG Future Analytics have been commissioned by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) (September 2021) to carry out a study to identify and analyse the key factors that have impacted the retail sector in recent years and the likely future trends, opportunities and challenges facing the retail sector.

The Study will provide an evidence-based foundation for ongoing engagement with retail sector stakeholders and will identify retail sector policy options for consideration by the Department and ultimately by Government.  The contractor will carry out research, inter alia:

  1. To define the retail landscape in Ireland
  2. To identify the immediate issues facing the retail sector (in Ireland)
  3. To identify the likely future trends, opportunities and challenges facing the retail sector (in Ireland). This should align with what is happening in other relevant policy areas such as Town Centre First Initiative, Night-time Economy Policy, Climate policy, Digital/AI Policy etc.
  4. To analyse the impact of the future trends, opportunities and challenges on the retail sector in Ireland (keeping in mind the variations in impacts and trends deriving from the size, scale, location and subsector).

And will develop:

  •  A set of recommendations to the Department on policy approaches to the developmental priorities and needs of the retail sector, with a view to increasing productivity and innovation and with a specific focus on aligning these with existing policy objectives in relation to digitalisation, climate change and skills.

 It is envisaged that a draft final report will be due for presentation to the DETE Retail Forum in December 2021.

To complete this survey, click on the link below:



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