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A traineeship is a programme of structured training which combines learning in an education and training setting and in the workplace aiming to improve employment outcomes for participants and increase retention and productivity within industry

Donegal ETB currently offers the following traineeships: 

— Beauty Specialist

— Business & Professional Administration 

— Communication Systems Installation

— Donegal Weaving

— Engineering- Welding and Fabrication

— Hairdressing

— Healthcare Support

— Horticulture 

— Intellectual Disability Practice

— Marine Engineering 

— Medical/Legal Administration 

— Outdoor Activity Instructor 

— Public Works Operations and Maintenance 

“After completing my Leaving Certificate I was really unsure about what I wanted to do - I didn’t see the point in signing up to do a four year degree when I was really unsure about my career path for me. I took time to think about my options and I always had an interest in Make Up and Beauty. When I realised Donegal ETB offered the Traineeship in Beauty Therapy which is ITEC certified, it made sense—this was the course for me. The theory and practical elements of the course were really enjoyable, I loved every minute of it, I even won the student of the year award and secured a job offer from my placement provider. However, I plan to travel to Australia and now I have a qualification that is recognised worldwide.”

Tara Harley, Beauty Therapist Traineeship

Useful information

Why should I consider a traineeship?

Traineeships enable students to develop cutting edge skills and knowledge on the-job, making them more skilled, more employable and enhancing their career options



Where can i do a traineeship?

Donegal ETB provides traineeships in a variety of locations across the county



What does it cost for traineeship?

Traineeships are free and you may be paid a training allowance but some fees may apply. For example with the Beauty Specialist Traineeship, students are responsible for purchasing their own makeup kit costs which generally cost around €350.00 (a payment plan can be arranged in this case). You can also claim an accommodation allowance if you need to live away from home for the duration of the course or a travel allowance.


When can I apply for a Traineeship

You can apply for a specific skills training at various times throughout the year. 

You can apply online through HTTPS://WWW.DONEGALETB.IE/ fetcoursefinder (use the skills word such as welding or surf as your keyword) or through the CAO - HTTPS://WWW.CAO.IE/ (from November each year).

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