Donegal County Council’s role in promoting quality living to be highlighted on ‘Your Council Day’

Donegal County Council’s role in supporting quality living within Donegal is being highlighted, promoted and celebrated to mark Your Council Day 2024, taking place Friday 5th July.

Across the County, amenities and services operated, supported and provided by Donegal County Council have a very positive impact on local people’s quality of life, wellbeing and health. An extensive array of local authority services are used by people on a day-to-day basis which support quality living. These include, but are not limited to, parks, leisure, sports, library, arts, heritage and community services. Councils also lead in protecting our living environments, including street cleaning, litter control, monitoring of waterways and beaches, urban and village renewal schemes, maintenance of our roads and footpaths.

Staff in local authorities are embedded within communities, enabling people on an individual and collective basis to enjoy life in places where they live, work and visit. Across social media, #YourCouncilDay will highlight the role of local authorities in promoting quality living and the work of committed and passionate staff in councils across supporting it.

“On Your Council Day, Donegal County Council is very proud to highlight, promote and celebrate our role in positively impacting upon people’s quality of life,” said Chief Executive, John G. McLaughlin “Our staff are committed to supporting people living in and visiting Donegal to enjoying a very positive, high-quality experience within the county. Given the very considerable range of services supported and operated by local government in our communities, every day councils are positively impacting upon people’s lives. They support us in pursuing leisure activities, enjoying past-times, participating in sports, enjoying our local environment. Living day-to-day, commuting and doing business is also actively supported by local government for our benefit.”

On Your Council Day, local authorities will be posting online using #YourCouncilDay / #DoLásaChomhairle to profile services and amenities, introduce people to staff, and promote events taking place.

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