Celebrating National Women Enterprise Day with Donegal Women in Business Network

Donegal Women in Business Network is one of the largest and longest running business networks in the county. To mark National Women Enterprise Day, PRO of the group, Evelyn McGlynn talks more about the pivotal support network who aims to assist all women who work in business in Donegal.

Donegal Women in Business Members

‘’ Originally, the Donegal Women in Business Network was set up through Donegal Local Enterprise Office in 1999. While retaining strong links with LEO, it is run by a voluntary committee to support all women who work in business – whether you are running your own company, working for an organisation, or thinking of starting an enterprise’’ outlines Evelyn. The group has grown steadily over the years and it has now become an influential organisation with over 200 members.

Evelyn who has a wealth of experience in business through her own consultancy practice, Evelyn McMarketing, explains that ‘’the group has evolved and developed links with Government bodies, private industry, training boards and international groups. Additionally, due to the growth of the network and the commitment of a voluntary committee, the Local Enterprise Office in Donegal has recently funded the appointment of a Network Facilitator, which has been a great resource to us’.

Donegal Women in Business play a strong role in supporting relevant events locally and nationally. ‘’For example, the #BuyDonegal campaign supports a range of enterprises across the county and in turn a number of female founders. For us, getting behind an initiative such as this not only benefits the campaign but ultimately business in Donegal, of which many are network members.’’ highlights McGlynn.

Donegal Women in Business Network Workshop

The Network provides a range of support opportunities to members and its mission is all about helping members to succeed. It provides shared learning and best practice experiences through regular seminars and workshops, being a valuable source of information and a strong medium for establishing business contacts.

Additionally Donegal Women in Business Network organises a range of Network events, both business focused and informal, which can be a great way to have fun while getting to know other members.

For those interesting in joining, the Network is open to all women with an interest in business, whether you are working from the Boardroom or the Kitchen table, this is a network for you. To join, contact

You can also check out their social media platforms on LinkedIn (@Donegal Women in Business Network) Instagram (@donegalwomeninbizz) and Facebook (@DWIBNetwork)



 Check out their website for more information

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