29th July - 7th August 2023, Dungloe

Experience the magic of Donegal's most enchanting festival as the Mary from Dungloe brings together music, culture, and community in a vibrant celebration of tradition and talent.

The Mary From Dungloe International Arts Festival is a community based festival which has been held annually since 1967 in Dungloe, County Donegal.

It is family friendly with a wide variety of musical, cultural, child, sporting, artistic and novelty events. Irish diaspora communities from around the world, as well as Irish counties and towns, participate by nominating a young woman to represent their area.

The winner, crowned 'Mary From Dungloe' holds the title for a year and acts as an ambassador for the festival, Dungloe & Donegal.

  • Start Date Saturday 29 July 2023
  • End Date Monday 07 August 2023
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