6th - 8th May 2022, Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal

The theme of the 2022 Mícheál Ó Cléirigh Summer School is Bloodshed and Retribution and will examine the transition from Gaelic Brehon Law to the use of English Common law which was countrywide by 1602. The Summer Schiil will run from Friday 6th May until Sunday 8th May 2022 and will be held in Rossnowlagh, Co Donegal.

From the 1530s to the War of the Three Kings in the 1690s, Ireland experienced intense levels of violence. The life of Ó Cléirigh and his contemporaries was deeply marked by aggression at every level from confiscation of land, to crime, to martial law and to wars of conquest and colonisation.

This year's Summer School will look at this world of bloodshed and retribution. We'll also consider how changing legal codes, in a time when English Common Law spread out over the whole island, operated in a country whose inhabitants were marked out by ethnic, religious and linguistic difference.

For the men and women who lived in 16th and 17th century Ireland aggression and disturbance were everyday events as were attempts to resolve disputes and to punish those believed to be wrongdoers.

  • Start Date Friday 06 May 2022
  • End Date Sunday 08 May 2022

Rossnowlagh Friary,
Franciscan Centre ,
F94 PH21

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