Driving Innovation in Inishowen.

Having lived in New York as a child and spending years as an adult living in the epicentre of Dublin City Centre, Kevin Sexton now enjoys a new way of life based in Inishowen. Working with BearingPoint, a European technology consultancy based in the Netherlands, Kevin leads the innovation services in Ireland as well as working with the Europe-wide CIO Advisory community.

Kevin Sexton BearingPoint

From his base in Inishowen, Kevin works with organisations across all corners of the world as he explains “My typical day sees me working across the Nordics, Italy, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and Austria. I am currently leading 3 start-up accelerators across Europe”.

Having spent time living abroad in countries including the US, UK and Norway, Donegal was always a safe haven and an oasis for Kevin. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban mayhem as he describes his time abroad . “I grew up in God’s Country - Inishowen, and though living away, I had always spent a lot of time back on holidays and any weekend I could squeeze in. I always intended to return here”.

Although there are moments when a craving for elements of urban culture such as easy access to great food and events, Kevin has found that “there are always trade-offs and the trick is to find balance. Being immersed in nature, being part of a great local community …no traffic lights every few metres …these are all big wins”.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that re-integration into the community was a bit difficult for Kevin with social distancing, but now he is looking forward to getting stuck into the Inishowen social scene. “I am a very social person so I’m really looking forward to meeting a lot more people with the removal of restrictions. I have met a lot of people from my school days and it’s hard to describe how fantastic that is”.

Kevin is a strong believer that anyone can work remotely from Donegal and in fact, that more people will be looking for opportunities to relocate and follow in his footsteps, stating that “There is a reverse brain-drain from cities that will lead to a renaissance for rural communities like Inishowen and many more throughout Donegal.”

Relocation and the ability to working remotely have not only changed Kevin’s way of working, but his lifestyle as well. The decision to relocate is easier now than it has ever been as Kevin explains “moving to the country is easy nowadays, not like in the days when my parents left New York. I thank them every time I think about what they traded to let us grow up on the coast in Inishowen”.

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