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The town of Killybegs has a proud maritime heritage. Developed initially as a fishing port, it has since 1999 played an important role in facilitating offshore exploration and in particular the development of the Corrib Field. It has also been the harbour of choice for wind farm developers, with turbines being delivered for wind farms throughout the north and west of Ireland. In a further development, Killybegs has become the port of call of many cruise ships who benefit from modern berthing and quayside facilities along with direct access to the Hihglands of Donegal. Killybegs in essence has evolved into a multifunctional port serving the fishing, energy and cruise sectors. Therefore the presence of this expertise, adaptability and flexibility ensures that Killybegs can meet any challenge. A 'can do' attitude pervades.

Latest news: Major bio-marine ingredients facility for Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Killybegs is Ireland's largest fishing port, with a large pelagic fleet active mostly in winter that lands the largest tonnage in the British Isles. The fine natural harbour, at the tip of a deep fjord-like inlet, makes it one of the safest, most sheltered, deep-water harbours on the Irish coast. Killybegs welcomes yachts and has visitors' moorings. There are plans to build a marina for local boat owners and visitors, but no date for construction of this development has been confirmed yet. Currently, there are 3 visitor moorings wast of the fish quay, or yachts can lie at the town pier with the small fishing boats. 

Technical services, supplies of all sorts, and transport connections are all good. 

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Killybegs Harbour (Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Marine)

T: 00353 (0)74 9731032



VHF: Ch14 (24)

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