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03 November 2016 09:00 PM To 06 November 2016 11:30 PM

The Allingham Festival

Based in Ballyshannon the Allingham Festival is a celebration of the life and works of  one of our town’s most famous ancestors writer and poet William Allingham and his wife the artist Helen Allingham. Each year sees their memory celebrated with events and workshops that inspire others in their own achievements in the arts.

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William Allingham ((1824 –89) an Irishman of letters and a widely published poet was a native of Ballyshannon and married to the celebrated English artist Helen Allingham. His ashes were returned to Ireland after his death in 1889 and buried at St Anne’s Church, Ballyshannon. The Festival celebrates the Allingham artistic legacy in Ballyshannon. This revival, is one of many community projects trying to kick-start economic activity building on the unique historical and cultural identity of the town.


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