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Donegal is famous for its exceptionally high standard of natural ingredients and foods due to its unspoilt environment, climate, and richly diverse landscape that makes it suitable for a wide variety food produce and farming methods. Boasting the longest coastline in Ireland, the county is also the producer of an abundance of fish and other seafood.

Gourmet restaurants throughout Donegal reflect this in their menus, being particularly famous for their excellent seafood. Notwithstanding this, the beef, lamb, game, dairy produce, fruit and vegetables are among the best in the world, and the region is gaining recognition from growing the reputation of its local producers.

For those passionate about food, Donegal will delight your taste buds - with fine artisan producers around the county, there is an abundance of locally grown, farmed and harvested foods.

The Donegal Food Strategy was officially launched in Glenveagh Castle by Minister John Perry TD on Monday 23rd July 2012. The Donegal Food Strategy sets outs an ambitious vision for food within Donegal and seeks to make Donegal a county famous for food (to view the full document, click on the photo below).

The Food Coast Network – Donegal’s Good Food Initiative has the overall aim of acting as the central platform for establishing Donegal as a “food county” – a place with a vibrant food culture and food economy. The initiative is open to anyone with an interest in the County’s food sector – from start-up businesses to part-time food producers, from on-farm added value producers to established primary producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and restaurant.

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